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Friday, 8 April 2011

Shopping trip

Well, it wasn't as successful as I was hoping! When into River Island, but I couldn't really find anything I wanted! Gutted!....But, I did go into TK Maxx and get the best bargain i've got in agers :)
I've wanted these jeans for AGERS!! 
Met In Jeans... stunning silver! 

Sooooooo beautiful! & a perfect fit!! I'm going to put them on now for my lecture!!...
And the pest part is the price!!! RRP £120 - bought for....
hahaha I love them!!!

I also bought 2 other jeans!

Element Low rise Flex Jeans! Gorgeous fit! Bought for a stunning £4 haha! bargains bargains bargain! I love it!

 And the last pair are Replay blue jeans! Super long, but i'm going to cut them! & customise them :) ...I can do what I want with them, as they only cost me £3!!! hahaha!! So it doesn't really matter :)

This is why I love TK Maxx!

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